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The Largest Private Steel Supplier In Northeast China. 16 years 82 countries 480+ clients domestically and worldwide! No Stain In Reputation. Wind Vane Company of price in mainstream media. Council member enterprise of Chinese Steel Export Union. Council member enterprise of Chinese Northeast Steel Structure Union. Chinese top 20 coating steel supplier in 2019. Chinese top 100 steel steel supplier in 2020. Chinese top 30 coating steel supplier in 2020. Being Regular Supplier Of Iris Jp, Sanyo Jp,.USA Spectrum Brands,Russian kamaz,Russian LADA


Prefabricated steel framed buildings, portable cabins, kitset homes, emergency shelter and housing portable house. portable house use light steel as its framework, material is sandwich panel, totoal new conception and economical and environmental protected house. Which aslo called prefabricated houses. The advantage of portable shelter: can be assembly and disassembly at will, is convient to transport and move. can be assembly and disassembly conveniently and quickly. it is fit to locate in hillside, hill, grassland, desert, riverside and temporary houses when construction and earthquake and as blinds, etc. the area of the house can be 15-160m2, it is clean, can be to use for 20 years for its good stability and durability. Its appearance beautiful, we can make as customer's requirements, has good heat preservation and insulation, earthquake proof, which has not only high value in use, but also good visual value.


Energy saving and high energy utilization rate; No solvent discharge, safe and pollution-free; Fast curing speed and high production efficiency; Can be coated with heat sensitive substrates; High film quality and excellent coating performance Relative disadvantages Sensitive to dust (strict construction environment requirements)
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